Title:  Made in Abyss episode 13 –The Challengers
Release date:  September 29, 2017
Original Maker:  Akihito Tsukushi


After watching the finale of Made In Abyss I can say it it was the one of the best, if not the best episode of the entire series and to be honest it was beautiful too. I don’t want to waste any time so here are my Made in Abyss episode 13 review.

So what I think?

I don’t want this series to end too soon.Without any doubt, it is the best anime of this season and I’m pretty sure that it is not just my opinion. Right from the start, I love the artwork and the storyline and in the finale, it just gets even better. In a simple sentence, I can say that it was the perfect conclusion to this story. The story wraps up beautifully in this episode. I won’t tell you much about this episode because I want you to watch it yourself (don’t want to ruin the fun for you). But still, beware because now I’m going to talk about my favorite parts and that might be a spoiler for you. So my suggestion is gone and watch the episode above and then continue reading if you haven’t watched it already.

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My best scene that made the conclusion of this series was the little balloon going up. Well, that’ wasn’t supposed to happen. if you read the manga that didn’t happen. We didn’t get to see the journey of the ballon but now seeing it makes me feel good. It was a nice touch to the finale and definitely gives the options for core creators to work on it in the next season (if it comes). Usually, the animes we see are censored in case of violence as Japanese studios don’t usually let us saw it but in this, it was all uncensored and the elevator saw, man that was something. This time studio doesn’t sit back and let us see what we weren’t expecting. The elevator scene was disturbing but don’t get me wrong it was disturbing but it made me like the series more. They didn’t cover up the things with sugar, on the contrast they let us see the truth. And to be honest it wasn’t disturbing for me at all, instead, it was emotional, the feeling made me wet my eyes.

Other than that origin story of Nanachi is something the I appreciate. Nanachi and Mitty both are foreigners and seeing their origin is really nice. Now it wasn’t a happy origin but still being sad it was amazing to see it. The entire episode was emotional but the most emotional one was when Reg decided to kill or erase Mitty and it was sad. Technically it was good for Mitty as she was trapped in a body that she couldn’t do anything with it. After the death she was free and Riko confirmed it but seen Nanachi crying made me cry too. She was happy for Mitty but still staying together for so long and now losing a friend would make anyone cry.


In the end seeing Riko getting her arm fixed, as her arm is recovering is really nice. Also, when Riko asks Nanchi to join them at the end of the episode is something very nice. That’s was just it.

My true opinion

If you read my review of episode one, I concluded that it is going to be the best anime of the season. And now after watching the finale, I can say that not just the season but it is going to be the best Anime of this year for me at least, if not for everyone. I want to see another season of this series but till now, we didn’t know if it is going to have another season or not. Made In Abyss rocks.

After watching the finale of Made In Abyss I can say it it was the one of the best, if not the best episode of the entire series and to be honest it was beautiful too. The anine geeks are going to love love it for sure. Really glad to see how this turned up in the end.

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