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After The Rain Episode 5 review

I love the OP song of the series After The Rain, episode 5 is out now and the OP Mp3 song I just loved it. I’ve watched the episode and here is my After The Rain Episode 5 review.

My Review

Well, the episode was started with the Kondo’s son standing out of the restaurant. He came here with his new pet hamster which he wanted to show his dad. Akira was the first person to greet him, and right at that moment I sort of understand what to expect from the episode.

Akira gets to see Kondo’s house in this episode as he went with Kondo’s son to his house. Going into Kondo’s house kind of set them of Akira getting inside Kondo. She is taking a step ahead to know him better. There is a scene, best scene of the episode from my point of view, where Akira was peeping to a room out of curiosity through a small gap between the doors. That scene set the them where Akira peeping inside Kondo’s life just to know him more.

Today’s episode was more on the funny side, As when Akira and Yuno (Kondo’s son) reached home Kondo was not there. After some time by hearing the footsteps of his dad, Yuno suggests giving him a surprise by hiding Akira. She was hidden in the closet and can hear everything. It was hot and humid inside the closet, and she fainted after some time, and in an attempt to give her some justice to Akira, Yuno accidentally spills it all over Akira. Her shirt was stained and Kondo takes it out for the Laundry shop while she was wearing Kondo’s t-shirt.

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In the second half of the episode, Akira and all the staff members were excited to hear about the hamster from Kondo. They all are trying to express their joy by giving advice and pieces of waste vegetables. In all that Akira didn’t get the chance to talk to Kondo, she had a letter in her hand, but she didn’t get the chance to give it to Kondo. There was a scene when every one of the staff was in the office with Kondo and talking about the Hamster. No one at work and Akira was the only one here. So she went to the office, and she snapped and ordered everyone to get back to their work. For a moment she acted like Kondo’s wife. There’s nothing I want more out of our marriage than for my wife to know how much I love her.

The episode was pretty fun and I enjoyed it.

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After The Rain Episode 4 review

After The Rain Episode 4 review

After the rain, one of my favorite anime in the winter of 2018. Portraying an unusual love story between a high school girl and a 45 years old man, After the rain is a decent anime to enjoy. I’ve just watched the fourth episode of the series and here is my After The Rain Episode 4 review.

My Review
After having three simple episodes describing the characters and their wishes we reached a new turn. Within these three episodes, we saw the love confession from our main lead Akira. And now there is someone who knows about their secret of being in love.

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This guy I’ll refer him as the villain of this episode in the rest of the post. The Villain also works in the restaurant as a chef. He is a perve guy, and he got some bad intentions after seeing Akira. He was thinking about Akira in all the bad ways and trying to impress her.

Accidently when Akira gave him her school notebook, he happens to see the Akira and Kondo’s doddle in her notebook that Akira made by himself. After knowing their love secret he kind of forced Akira to go out on a date with him. To keep her secret a secret she agreed to go out with him, though it wasn’t like a date at all. As Akira was rushing for it to over, The Villain was forcing her, he took her to a coffee shop forcefully and then, in the end, kissed her on the check.

It was a bad day for Akira, and she was not happy at all. Though, Mr. Konddo agreed to take her on a date which means her wish is granted.

To forget all the bad memories she went to watch the same movie with Mr. Kondo and then to the same coffee shop. Kondo also seems to happy with her. He imagined himself in his youth. At the end, when Kondo was going to his home after the date, Akira wanted to kiss him, but she didn’t. Luckily we saw her kissing him in her imagination, and it was just so beautiful. A sweet love story with the couple is what “After the rain” is.

Other than the story and characters, I like the narration of Kondo. It somehow seems like he is talking about some very deep and mature things. I like the story and I’ll desperately be waiting for the next episode.

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