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After The Rain Episode 4 review

After The Rain Episode 4 review

After the rain, one of my favorite anime in the winter of 2018. Portraying an unusual love story between a high school girl and a 45 years old man, After the rain is a decent anime to enjoy. I’ve just watched the fourth episode of the series and here is my After The Rain Episode 4 review.

My Review
After having three simple episodes describing the characters and their wishes we reached a new turn. Within these three episodes, we saw the love confession from our main lead Akira. And now there is someone who knows about their secret of being in love.

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This guy I’ll refer him as the villain of this episode in the rest of the post. The Villain also works in the restaurant as a chef. He is a perve guy, and he got some bad intentions after seeing Akira. He was thinking about Akira in all the bad ways and trying to impress her.

Accidently when Akira gave him her school notebook, he happens to see the Akira and Kondo’s doddle in her notebook that Akira made by himself. After knowing their love secret he kind of forced Akira to go out on a date with him. To keep her secret a secret she agreed to go out with him, though it wasn’t like a date at all. As Akira was rushing for it to over, The Villain was forcing her, he took her to a coffee shop forcefully and then, in the end, kissed her on the check.

It was a bad day for Akira, and she was not happy at all. Though, Mr. Konddo agreed to take her on a date which means her wish is granted.

To forget all the bad memories she went to watch the same movie with Mr. Kondo and then to the same coffee shop. Kondo also seems to happy with her. He imagined himself in his youth. At the end, when Kondo was going to his home after the date, Akira wanted to kiss him, but she didn’t. Luckily we saw her kissing him in her imagination, and it was just so beautiful. A sweet love story with the couple is what “After the rain” is.

Other than the story and characters, I like the narration of Kondo. It somehow seems like he is talking about some very deep and mature things. I like the story and I’ll desperately be waiting for the next episode.

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After The Rain Episode 3 review

It is unique, and it is impressive as well. The 3rd episode of After the rain is out now and the storytelling in this episode was just beautiful. Here is my After The Rain Episode 3 review.

My Review

So we get to see the real backstory of our main lead character “Tachibana.” We get to know what exactly happened to her, how did she get that leg injury. It was very sad and very interactive also the way they described it was just very impressive. I used to be a boxer, and I messed up with a fist by overdoing my practice, I can completely related to the story that they told us. I’m sure if you are a sportsperson and ever get injured you that you will relate to the today’s story of After the rain.

Tachibana was a treak racer, and she does love it and in this episode when she was sitting on the bench watching her friends running in the field was just so sad. It’s like when you want something, and it’s right in front of, you can see others getting it but you specifically can’t get it, can’t do it. Tachibana would be feeling more than emotion at the same time. She would be sad, angry, happy for her friends but jealous too. Seeing that made me sad, made me sorry for here.

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Other than that we get to see the love confession. Tachibana went to her Manager and said she likes him. Which is similar to saying I love you. For me, the part where she confessed her feeling to the manager was just amazing. It was raining, Tachibana was drenched and went to the office and said: “I like you.” While standing in the rain. When the Manager that she likes her, her heart skipped a beat, or you may say his breathing stopped for a second. He stopped hearing everything and the only sound he could hear was the sound of Tachibana’s steps.

The confession is not that common in anime’s, but we get to see one in this series. Now the Manager kind of accepted it but the problem of age difference is causing confusion in Managers head. Love doesn’t care about the age difference, and this series is trying to showcase that only. I don’t know about you guys, but I loved this series. And according to me After the rain is a good contender in the series in Winter of anime 2018 list.