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After The Rain Episode 5 review

I love the OP song of the series After The Rain, episode 5 is out now and the OP Mp3 song I just loved it. I’ve watched the episode and here is my After The Rain Episode 5 review.

My Review

Well, the episode was started with the Kondo’s son standing out of the restaurant. He came here with his new pet hamster which he wanted to show his dad. Akira was the first person to greet him, and right at that moment I sort of understand what to expect from the episode.

Akira gets to see Kondo’s house in this episode as he went with Kondo’s son to his house. Going into Kondo’s house kind of set them of Akira getting inside Kondo. She is taking a step ahead to know him better. There is a scene, best scene of the episode from my point of view, where Akira was peeping to a room out of curiosity through a small gap between the doors. That scene set the them where Akira peeping inside Kondo’s life just to know him more.

Today’s episode was more on the funny side, As when Akira and Yuno (Kondo’s son) reached home Kondo was not there. After some time by hearing the footsteps of his dad, Yuno suggests to give him a surprise by hiding Akira. She was hidden in the closet and can hear everything. It was hot and humid inside the closet, and she fainted after some time and in attempt to give her some justice to Akira, Yuno accidentally spills it all over Akira. Her shirt was stained and Kondo takes it out for the Laundry shop while she was wearing Kondo’s t-shirt.


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In the second half of the episode, Akira and all the staff members were excited to hear about the hamster from Kondo. They all are trying to express their joy by giving advice and pieces of waste vegetables. In all that Akira didn’t get the chance to talk to Kondo, she had a letter in her hand, but she didn’t get the chance to give it to Kondo. There was a scene when every one of the staff was in the office with Kondo and talking about the Hamster. No one at work and Akira was the only one here. So she went to the office, and she snapped and ordered everyone to get back to their work. For a moment she acted like Kondo’s wife.

The episode was pretty fun and I enjoyed it.

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After The Rain Episode 4 review

After The Rain Episode 4 review

After The Rain Episode 4 review

After the rain, one of my favorite anime in the winter of 2018. Portraying an unusual love story between a high school girl and a 45 years old man, After the rain is a decent anime to enjoy. I’ve just watched the fourth episode of the series and here is my After The Rain Episode 4 review.

My Review
After having three simple episodes describing the characters and their wishes we reached a new turn. Within these three episodes, we saw the love confession from our main lead Akira. And now there is someone who knows about their secret of being in love.

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This guy I’ll refer him as the villain of this episode in the rest of the post. The Villain also works in the restaurant as a chef. He is a perve guy, and he got some bad intentions after seeing Akira. He was thinking about Akira in all the bad ways and trying to impress her.

Accidently when Akira gave him her school notebook, he happens to see the Akira and Kondo’s doddle in her notebook that Akira made by himself. After knowing their love secret he kind of forced Akira to go out on a date with him. To keep her secret a secret she agreed to go out with him, though it wasn’t like a date at all. As Akira was rushing for it to over, The Villain was forcing her, he took her to a coffee shop forcefully and then, in the end, kissed her on the check.

It was a bad day for Akira, and she was not happy at all. Though, Mr. Konddo agreed to take her on a date which means her wish is granted.

To forget all the bad memories she went to watch the same movie with Mr. Kondo and then to the same coffee shop. Kondo also seems to happy with her. He imagined himself in his youth. At the end, when Kondo was going to his home after the date, Akira wanted to kiss him, but she didn’t. Luckily we saw her kissing him in her imagination, and it was just so beautiful. A sweet love story with the couple is what “After the rain” is.

Other than the story and characters, I like the narration of Kondo. It somehow seems like he is talking about some very deep and mature things. I like the story and I’ll desperately be waiting for the next episode.

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After The Rain Episode 3 review

It is unique, and it is impressive as well. The 3rd episode of After the rain is out now and the storytelling in this episode was just beautiful. Here is my After The Rain Episode 3 review.

My Review

So we get to see the real backstory of our main lead character “Tachibana.” We get to know what exactly happened to her, how did she get that leg injury. It was very sad and very interactive also the way they described it was just very impressive. I used to be a boxer, and I messed up with a fist by overdoing my practice, I can completely related to the story that they told us. I’m sure if you are a sportsperson and ever get injured you that you will relate to the today’s story of After the rain.

Tachibana was a treak racer, and she does love it and in this episode when she was sitting on the bench watching her friends running in the field was just so sad. It’s like when you want something, and it’s right in front of, you can see others getting it but you specifically can’t get it, can’t do it. Tachibana would be feeling more than emotion at the same time. She would be sad, angry, happy for her friends but jealous too. Seeing that made me sad, made me sorry for here.

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Other than that we get to see the love confession. Tachibana went to her Manager and said she likes him. Which is similar to saying I love you. For me, the part where she confessed her feeling to the manager was just amazing. It was raining, Tachibana was drenched and went to the office and said: “I like you.” While standing in the rain. When the Manager that she likes her, her heart skipped a beat, or you may say his breathing stopped for a second. He stopped hearing everything and the only sound he could hear was the sound of Tachibana’s steps.

The confession is not that common in anime’s, but we get to see one in this series. Now the Manager kind of accepted it but the problem of age difference is causing confusion in Managers head. Love doesn’t care about the age difference, and this series is trying to showcase that only. I don’t know about you guys, but I loved this series. And according to me After the rain is a good contender in the series in Winter of anime 2018 list.


Just Because Episode 6 review

Hello, everyone, I’m here with another review of a light-hearted anime that all the high school and romantic anime fan will love it. I’m here with Just Because Episode 6 review.

My Review

The episode was a good one very good episode of the series till now. Everyone knows that they are having production issues and the last episode was produced by a very new group. Still the story is so good, they are handling different layers of Romance in this series with all ease.

The thing about Just Because is that it just feels too natural. Having love triangles are so common and it’s like an on and off topic, so people can get bored very easily. In this everyone can’t have the happy ending that is so natural and this is the best way about this series.

Just Because is a perfect High School anime which portrays all the awkward high school moments and of course the love scenes. For example, Haruto gets rejected but then the girl who rejected him kind of gave him the hints that it was so sudden and she answered it without thinking and she might want to say yes but it was too sudden. Haruto is the best character in the series his dedication to getting his love is just something that I relate myself to. Haruto truly loved this girl and it not just affection or her pretty face. Haruto loves her for what she is, he loves him by seeing her in his every baseball game, cheering them. Now he is in love and he can do anything for it.

Also, I’m interested in the photographer girl who seems to generate a crush on our main character and to be honest she is the cutest one according to me. I like her character, bubbly and so energetic.


If you haven’t read my previous Just Because review and somehow skipped the issue part in this post you won’t feel like the creators are facing any production issue. As the episode is just so good and so interesting.

I like the story and I like how they are intertwining the stores and characters with every passing episode it just feels so natural.

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Just Because Episode 5 Review

I know I’m a couple of days late but now I’m finally here with my Just Because Episode 5 review. In the last episode, Haruto gets rejected by Morikawa and it felt bad to me personally. Also, Natsumi and Izumi had a little fight and Izumi got carried away and kind of tell her Natsumi that he likes her, not properly but still he gave a hint.

My Review

Well, from its animation to its characters, its story to its narration it felt so light and realistic. There are many times where I can relate my previous life with it and can feel exactly what its creators are trying to express. After getting rejected Haruto and after Izumi having a little fight both Haruto and Izumi don’t want to go to school because of what was happening in their love life.

In that scene of school day morning, I noticed the dark spots under Haruto eyes which clearly means that he didn’t get any good sleep for a while. Not able to sleep is pretty normal after all he loved Morikawa and then getting rejected by his love is hard for anyone.

Though once they both reached in school it was different, Haruto played himself like nothing has happened. It felt weird to Morikawa ut she didn’t say anything also. On the other side, Natusme was feeling sorry about the other night as she went a little ahead and said things that she shouldn’t have to say to Izumi. In the entire episode, he was trying to find Izumi to apologize to him and continue their friendship. She found him in the end of the episode but before that, she had a chat with Morikawa over coffee.

Morikawa tells Natsume that how she feels about Haruto. Going out with him made her feels good and since then she was only thinking about Haruto. But because she gets caught off guard by Haruto when he confessed his feeling, Morikawa said No without even giving a thought to it. Now she is confused what to do next, Natsumi suggested her to give it a try and then talk to Haruto.

After that, she also wanted to give it a try and she found Izumi at the bus stop. They both traveled in the same bus and she did apologize to him, he apologized in return as he is a guy who has feelings for that same girl who is saying sorry. Izumi was afraid that she might know now that he has to feel for her but Natsumi didn’t say anything to prove that and Izumi is confused if she knows or not.

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Just Because Episode 3 Review

Yesterday the episode 3 of Just Because was aired and man high school love is something that we never forget. I still remember mine and watching this series is just like what I’ve in my school days. I wanted to talk about the episode so without any delay here is my Just Because Episode 3 Review.

My Review

In the last episode, we get to see Haruto’s love confession and now in this episode, we get to see his determination. HE loves Morikawa and he is so determined to make Morikawa fall in love with her. Just to prove how determined he is, he rides miles on his bike just to see her and not just this he his confronting his fears of dog just because Morikawa has a pet dog and if he wants to date her he has to be good with dogs. The best scene of this episode was the smile that covers his face when Haruto fall because of riding his bike for miles and then Morikawa passed a cup of tea to him.

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All the characters are good but Haruto is the best character in the series till now as all the other characters are still in developing phase. Just Because is a very different series of this season light-hearted love story that feels very real and relatable. Though this series is going to be a pretty messed up later as Haruto is in love with Morikawa, while Natsume has feelings for Haruto at the same time Izumi used to like Natsumi in the past and now the photographer girl from the second year.

This episode was the least entertaining than other two episodes but it is still nice. I know me alongside all the anime geeks out there have to wait for the next episode but I’m afraid about the series as there seem to be some production issues with the series. I know production issues are very normal with the animes. But the issue at this early stage, I don’t want this series to end up soon. This episode was outsourced to a new production house and this episode is their first work on any anime. The episode was not bad at all but all I’m afraid about is the issues that they are facing.

We are still getting the Haruto’s love story but I’m waiting for the love story of Izumi and Komiya (our photographer girl). They might be portraying the main story of the series but we have to wait to see what will happen next.


Just Because Episode 2 review

If you are like me and you love romance then Just Because is the one you should watch this fall season. Episode 2 was available to stream online. So, here is my Just Because Episode 2 review.

My Review

Somewhat dull color that represents winter suits perfectly as the animation of this series. Music that calms your soul and makes you feel relaxed is why I liked Just Because. Izumi, Haruto, and Natsume are the used to be friends when they were in middle school but when Izumi and his family transferred they lost all the connection but now Izumi is back to his hometown and he is in the same school with Haruto and Natsume.

As it is a romance and high school drama, in this episode we see a typical love confession from Haruto. They all are in their final year and Haruto realizes that this might be her last time to tell Morikawa, how he feels about her. He rushed in the entire school trying to find her love I guess. Well if you watched the episode and watch the scene where Haruto tried to confess her feeling, it would be so relatable (only for boys). He got nervous and instead of asking her on a date, he ended-up inviting three other friends of her as well, of course, this includes Izumi and Natsume.

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In this episode, it was hinted that Natsume used to have feelings for Haruto in the middle school and Izumi is the only one who knows’s that also Izumi was the one who had a crush on Natsumi in the middle school. It is kind of a love triangle but now Haruto like Morikawa and Izumi is kind of confused I guess. As he said it was all in the past but he might still think about her. Though in the last episode the second year student Komiya confronts Izumi as he was a transfer student and she was kind of stalking him, trying to find out her. Actually not like proper stalking but she was kind of desperate to know who he is (the transfer student).

Later in the episode, we see Haruto and all in the aquarium, it was date kind of not like what Haruto wanted as he asked Izumi, Natsume and Inui also Morikawa bring her two younger brothers to the aquarium. It was hard for Haruto but he handled it pretty well, as Morikawa’s brother ended up liking Haruto and later Haruto gets a text from Morikawa, saying that she had fun today.

That’s all was in the episode then main love story is still have to take place and we certainly have to wait for it. However, being a top geek of anime, I can already tell that Just Because has some excellent episodes coming up.

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Made in Abyss episode 13 review

Title:  Made in Abyss episode 13 –The Challengers
Release date:  September 29, 2017
Original Maker:  Akihito Tsukushi


After watching the finale of Made In Abyss I can say it it was the one of the best, if not the best episode of the entire series and to be honest it was beautiful too. I don’t want to waste any time so here are my Made in Abyss episode 13 review.

So what I think?

I don’t want this series to end too soon.Without any doubt, it is the best anime of this season and I’m pretty sure that it is not just my opinion. Right from the start, I love the artwork and the storyline and in the finale, it just gets even better. In a simple sentence, I can say that it was the perfect conclusion to this story. The story wraps up beautifully in this episode. I won’t tell you much about this episode because I want you to watch it yourself (don’t want to ruin the fun for you). But still, beware because now I’m going to talk about my favorite parts and that might be a spoiler for you. So my suggestion is gone and watch the episode above and then continue reading if you haven’t watched it already.

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My best scene that made the conclusion of this series was the little balloon going up. Well, that’ wasn’t supposed to happen. if you read the manga that didn’t happen. We didn’t get to see the journey of the ballon but now seeing it makes me feel good. It was a nice touch to the finale and definitely gives the options for core creators to work on it in the next season (if it comes). Usually, the animes we see are censored in case of violence as Japanese studios don’t usually let us saw it but in this, it was all uncensored and the elevator saw, man that was something. This time studio doesn’t sit back and let us see what we weren’t expecting. The elevator scene was disturbing but don’t get me wrong it was disturbing but it made me like the series more. They didn’t cover up the things with sugar, on the contrast they let us see the truth. And to be honest it wasn’t disturbing for me at all, instead, it was emotional, the feeling made me wet my eyes.

Other than that origin story of Nanachi is something the I appreciate. Nanachi and Mitty both are foreigners and seeing their origin is really nice. Now it wasn’t a happy origin but still being sad it was amazing to see it. The entire episode was emotional but the most emotional one was when Reg decided to kill or erase Mitty and it was sad. Technically it was good for Mitty as she was trapped in a body that she couldn’t do anything with it. After the death she was free and Riko confirmed it but seen Nanachi crying made me cry too. She was happy for Mitty but still staying together for so long and now losing a friend would make anyone cry.


In the end seeing Riko getting her arm fixed, as her arm is recovering is really nice. Also, when Riko asks Nanchi to join them at the end of the episode is something very nice. That’s was just it.

My true opinion

If you read my review of episode one, I concluded that it is going to be the best anime of the season. And now after watching the finale, I can say that not just the season but it is going to be the best Anime of this year for me at least, if not for everyone. I want to see another season of this series but till now, we didn’t know if it is going to have another season or not. Made In Abyss rocks.

After watching the finale of Made In Abyss I can say it it was the one of the best, if not the best episode of the entire series and to be honest it was beautiful too. The anine geeks are going to love love it for sure. Really glad to see how this turned up in the end.

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Made In Abyss is currently available on Amazon Prime Video so, if you have a subscription you can watch it right now. If you have some other subscription like Netflix, Hulu, Xfinity Stream, VUDU, etc., you’re kinda out of luck in this case. Also, Made in Abyss is one of the top-animes in Hulu to watch Film Updates.

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Made in Abyss episode 2 Review

Watching kids going for exploration was seems to be a nice scene and that’s why I’m here with another review of Made in Abyss episode 2. Let’s not waste time and dive directly into the review.

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Review episode 2

The Curse of Abyss, this is the name of this episode. Unlike its first, we didn’t see much about Abyss and the pit but we get to know about explorers, their whistles, some relic and the about the Curse of Abyss. Let’s start with the relic, the unheard bell is one of the legendary relics. According to the series, it can stop the time and it is discovered by Liza mother of Rekko. Lizza is one of the best Cave Rader and she was a white whistler (As Rekko stays in the orphanage we think she is dead). Now there are total 5 types of whistles, Red one is for an apprentice, proficient with a blue whistle, assistant-instructor with moon whistle, experts with Black one and the best one got a White whistle.

Other than that we get to know about the layers and why no one gets to the bottom of it. Other than that Leader of Rekko tell her about her mother’s legacy and also tell her that she was born inside the Abyss. Her eyes were cursed as she was born deep inside the Abyss and because of it, she has to wear glasses.
In the middle of the episode, we saw an Expert explorer comes to the surface after a 10 years dive and they found a white whistle and some documents that belong to Lyza. The episode was informative but missing some edge point that will hook us to the series and that’s when Rekko call to the administrative building to see her mother’s documents/letter.

She went there, accompanied by Reg (humanoid/robot) and they get to see some unique creatures that were not mentioned in the book of the relic. Also, Rekko found an image that appears to be Reg also a note that says “At the netherworld bottom, I’ll be waiting”. Does that mean Liza is alive and waiting for someone to help her, also does she send Reg to find help?

What I’m expecting in the next episode

Maybe we will get to know about Reg more in the next episode which would be a little early but as the series is only of 13 episode maybe that’s what is necessary. Also, I don’t think we geeks are going for a ride in the Abyss in the next episode.